Patdigger: Automated tool connecting Patents with Products

Patdigger is an automated tool developed with the vision for identifying gold patents against your competitor products. The tool includes the below features:
  • Ranking patents based on claim scope, the likelihood of use by others, technical workaround
  • Finding gold, silver, bronze patents against a competitor product/technology
  • Searching the web for most relevant commercial links against a patent claim

Featured Speakers

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Dr. Nirmal S. Basi (Baz)


TT Consultants

Dr Nirmal S. Basi has a PhD in Biochemistry and is a registered patent agent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles while serving as a Staff Fellow at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD. With over 12 years of experience as a patent examiner at the USPTO, he has reviewed hundreds of patent applications in the Biotech arena. Nirmal has also worked as a Patent Agent/Consultant with MDIP while working closely with clients to develop an asset of value based upon intellectual property (IP).

He is one of the founding members of HS Manufacturing Group (HSMG LLC) and has served as their Chief Operating Officer (COO). The company has been actively working on finding ways to reduce global reliance on plastic, silicone, and fluoro-chemical treated paper products. Dr Basi is one of the co-inventor of a sugar-fatty-acid ester coating technology (patent pending) that when applied to cellulose surfaces increases their tensile strength and hydrophobicity.

Dr Basi has counselled on the preliminary stages of invention conception, conducted prior art searches as well as prepared, filed, and prosecuted intellectual property applications in the USA and internationally.
Chetan Photo

Mr. Chetan Sharma

Research & Development Head


Chetan Sharma has eight years of experience in technology research and consulting. He has worked with Fortune 50 companies assisting them in various IP related projects also, diverse expertise in Patent research, Patent drafting and technology landscaping.

In 2017, Chetan joined as the head of R&D in XLPAT (AI based IP research tool) for developing machine learning and NLP based systems to help inventors evaluate their ideas. He has developed expertise in semantic search models using NLP and AI algorithms.

He has been part of International Conferences in Japan and works closely with many international academic institutions to implement technology platforms to expedite innovations.
Sandeep Kohli Photograph

Mr. Sandeep Singh Kohli



Sandeep is an inventor, a patent agent and brain behind XLPAT. He has developed several disruptive technologies that automate IP searching and analytics and are being used by a lot of attorneys and companies globally.

He is also an inventor of 8 patent applications filed in the US and India related to technologies like automated patentability, automated PI and automated landscape. Through his innovative ideas, he is changing the way people do IP searching and analytics.