Artificial Intelligence Tool - Novelty Checker

Most relevant results through Novelty Checker - KNOW HOW?
  • Facing difficulties in using the Novelty Checker tool?
  • Not getting top results?
  • Getting irrelevant results occasionally?
If the answer to any of the above is YES then this webinar is for you. Join us for the webinar on Novelty Checker which will outline ways and methods to get the most effective search results through AI-assisted patent research tool. Key takeaways from the webinar:
  • Learn best use-cases and gain insights on how to extract the best results quickly
  • Learn the scope of your idea or concept
  • Know how visualization tools can help to map out future strategy
  • Find what “NOT TO BE DONE” to avoid irrelevant results
  • Learn how each step impacts your end results
  Besides above, we will be happy to take up queries from attendees during the webinar

Featured Speakers


Mr. Pranav Sharma

BDM | Product Development | Regional Head


Generating ideas as per the market need assessment and then framing algorithms to automate analysis to save manual efforts.

Interacting with clients in assisting them in taking decisions in R&D, launching their products, Competitor benchmarking, go to market strategy, idea generation & implementing solutions using best technologies in the market (AI based Technologies).

Building Intelligent Algorithms, Product Development Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Negotiations, Strategic Partnerships, intellectual property consultancy, creative problem solving, and ability to conduct business globally.