Know the Coronaviruses, It’s not only COVID-19

What are coronaviruses? Myths & Realities:
Discussing the different coronaviruses and how COVID-19 is different and more hazardous.

Past scenario over the different outbreak:
The past case studies of the viral outbreaks of coronavirus strain such as SARS and MERS. And How it had accelerated the drug discovery process and patent filing process.

Precautionary Measures & Treatments:
A broad discussion about the precautionary measures that are to be taken in order to prevent the exaggeration of the community spread. The discussion about the drug discovery process and what are currently available treatments being deployed for the patience discovery.

Social Responsibility:
It can cover the aspect that how & why people should take seriously the different preventives measures taken by different federal bodies.

What the future hold:
The statistics of the possibility of such outbreaks and how the different segments of society must do everything to prevent it.

Featured Speakers

[:en]Dr. Shabbir Pic[:]

Dr. Shabbir Syed Abdul

Associate Professor

Taipei Medical University - Taipei City, Taiwan

His experiences include working as a physician, researcher and principal investigator both in the developed and developing world, making him an ideal candidate to lead advance global knowledge on the factors that impact on the development of sustainable healthcare, in particular focusing on innovation and ageing populations.

His major research interests are Long-term care with Wearable technologies, mHealth, Big data analysis and visualisation, Artificial Intelligence, Personal Health Records, Social Network in healthcare and Hospital Information System.
[:en]Gourav Sir Image[:]

Mr. Gourav Dhiman

Business Development - Client Success Manager

XLPAT - TT Consultants

Gourav has been an active researcher in the area of life sciences where his research was directed for designing peptide-based vaccines for cancer and African sleeping sickness using a bioinformatics approach.

He published his work in peer-reviewed journals of repute and have contributed book chapters in different books of renewable energy area.

In XLPAT, he takes care of the Business Development and provides AI/ML-based IPR solutions in a wide range of technology areas via the smart patent searching mechanism.

Mr. Pranav Sharma

BDM | Product Development | Regional Head


Generating ideas as per the market need assessment and then framing algorithms to automate analysis to save manual efforts.

Interacting with clients in assisting them in taking decisions in R&D, launching their products, Competitor benchmarking, go to market strategy, idea generation & implementing solutions using best technologies in the market (AI based Technologies).

Building Intelligent Algorithms, Product Development Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Negotiations, Strategic Partnerships, intellectual property consultancy, creative problem solving, and ability to conduct business globally.