How universities can leverage AI to accelerate innovation and commercialization of patents

Ideas born out of academic research and environments often are new inventions in the making.

However, many a time these ideas remain un-nurtured thus never crossing the idea stage.

That's not all, even on getting the idea patented somehow, universities again have a hard time in commercialising their IP resources.

The result?

Ever increasing industry and academia gap.

So what can be the potential solutions to the above problems?
To know the potential way outs,
Join us at the upcoming webinar where we aim to shrink the industry and academia gap!

Featured Speakers


Mr. Pankaj Kumar Bhagat

Chief Manager - IP

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Pankaj Kumar Bhagat is currently working as chief manager of IP department IIT Madras. He has an extensive and exhaustive IP experience of over 15 years and has worked at prestigious companies like Infosys and Tata Motors. Within his 15 years of experience in IP, he has taken up diverse roles and responsibilities at various levels ranging from patent analysis to IP protection to IP strategy. Amongst these, his role of developing and deploying IP strategy to establish the institute as a TTO remains a highlight and of utmost importance for the institution. In this webinar, Mr Bhagat will be putting light on the importance of IP and the need for focused IP strategy for universities.

Mr. Rajkrishna Rajan

Engineer, IP cell

Sreechitra Tirunal Institute,
for Medical Sciences & Technology

Mr Rajan is currently taking care of the IP portfolio of Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), an institute of National Importance. He joined the prestigious institute a decade ago and possess rich experience in IP commercialization and has played a strategic role for the institute’s IP commercialization success which has monetized 58 of the currently owning 300 IPs.