XLPAT at The Boston Menifesto 2019

It was a moment of honour for XLPAT to be a part of the IPBC Global 2019 held at Boston, USA

The conference was marked by the presence of eminent IP leaders and offered a perfect platform to discuss the ongoing trends in IP.

Prior to the onset of the conference in full swing, a group of IP leadership mostly women gathered together to discuss the reasons for low participation of women in the IP world globally.

Though much efforts have been put to address the sensitive topic and significant progress has been made, however, it’s still a long way to go.

Hence, during the conference there was a special session to examine the current gender bias scenario and potential policies which would help overcome the same.

Hence resulting in the Boston Manifesto.

The iconic discussion brought forth some key points like the need for gender diversity in the IP world, attracting and retaining talent. Further, it also threw light on the impact right mentorship and friendly leave policies can have.

The talk highlighted the need for introspection on part of companies and answering “why don’t women want to work for[our] companies?”

The talk concluded with a heavy emphasis on educating women about careers in IP and promoting open conversations which though gets uncomfortable sometimes but also offer opportunities to progress.

Mrs Komal Sharma Talwar, founder of XLPAT TT Consultants was also one of the participants of these important deliberations.

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