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How Does It Work ?

In this era of trailblazing technologies, XLPAT labs offer a mix of automated and manual, Hybrid patent search to valuable clients.

A first pass search will be conducted on our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based Novelty Checker tool leading to significant cost-cutting and time-saving. This tool is also backed by deep semantic algorithms which focus and compare the key novel features of your idea.

Next, a team of tech-savvy patent analysts work on the automated tool and help in creating an automatic system-generated report which acts as a base for the patent filing application at various patent offices.

Then, this report is shared with the team of in-house managers/ leaders who work with dedicated teams and manually prepare final reports for the clients.

Our teams are composed of experts having rich experience in the IPR domain who make sure that the reports are scrupulous, comprehensive and crisp.

No time to deep dive?

Our patent experts are just a click away!

  • First Pass

    First Pass of search results done through AI & ML based tools

  • Experienced patent analysts

    In-house team of experienced patent analysts can always do a deeper dive

  • Comprehensive

    Comprehensive and focussed reports