Opening an office in Tokyo to support large client base.

It’s a moment of pride for entire XLPAT as we set up a support office in Japan. This was even covered by “Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun”, one of the leading daily newspapers in Japan which specializes in business and industrial affairs
Here’s the featured article published on 19.09.2019.

Expanding support for patent search and analysis

India TT Consultants Japan will be established next month

India’s TT Consultants Ltd. (Punjab), which provides patent research and analysis services using artificial intelligence, will establish a Japanese subsidiary in October. It plans to double its current 50 Japanese customers by August 2020. Anticipating demand growth, the company will strengthen its support system.

Sales will continue through Nippon Gijutsu Boeki (Minato-ku, Tokyo), Techno Agents (Chuo-ku, Osaka) and Raytec (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). The Japanese subsidiary will focus on customer support. Respond to inquiries from customers and sales agents.

The Patent Search and Analysis Tool “XLPAT” is a service that uses AI to automate prior art searches to improve analysis accuracy and save time. The built-in corpus dictionary (language data) is capable of searching patents in 100 countries. It also provides six functions based on this dictionary.

Include finding evidence to invalidate a competitor’s patent “invalid data search function” and graphing trends in each technology area “IP Landscape Capabilities”.

With the establishment of the Japanese subsidiary, the company plans to develop a Japanese corpus dictionary. The company currently offers English-language corpus dictionaries using a machine translation function, but by developing a Japanese-language corpus dictionary, it aims to provide a more accurate service.

TT Consultants was established in 2006 as an intellectual property consulting firm. XLPAT was launched in 2015. XLPAT has locations in India, the U.S., and Taiwan, and is deployed at 900 companies in 20 countries. Founder Ms. Komal Talwar hopes to expand her share of the Japanese market, citing “There are many large companies in Japan and the budget for R & D and patent applications is relatively large.” among other reasons.

2019.09.19 日刊工業新聞


印TTコンサルタンツ 日本法人 来月開設







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