Mission to maintain efficiency during CORONA time

XLPAT – TT Consultants is on a mission to maintain efficiency during CORONA time

See how we have prepared ourselves!

  • Taking all protective measures to prevent the coronavirus spread
  • Ensuring the well-being of all the employees
  • Encouraging Social Distancing
  • Formulating firm policies including for those with a travel history
  • Engaging technology to ensure seamless working from home
  • Securing client’s data while working remotely with effective use of paid software /firewalls
  • Following an ethical work culture and maintaining professionalism while our employees work from home
  • Investing in resources required to maintain business continuity
  • Strict policies and instructions in place for vendors & contractors
  • Doing our bit for society by creating awareness and helping those who need it the most

We strive to do our best and emerge stronger in these challenging times.

We Are Ready to Fight!!


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