Drones in Logistics

Drones are used by many countries in military applications. However, drones are not limited to the military world only, rather they play a crucial role in other sectors as well. With online marketing and e-commerce gaining huge popularity, the interest in logistics has also surged. Multiple innovations have been done in the field of logistics in the past few years, and drone delivery is the next big leap.

Compared to their older versions, drones are now able to carry heavy payloads and have longer flight times. With advancements and optimization in rechargeable battery technology, drones can now cover large areas. Many new sensors are being added to drones for optimizing their operation and increasing their performance.

Application of drones could result in drastically increasing efficiency in the supply chain. Currently, logistics face many challenges involving many individuals for processing and delivering the order. In future, the drones will directly pick the order and deliver instantly. The onerous process of picking the order at a warehouse and loading onto a truck will be a thing of past. The flexibility of drones is also realized within the warehouse where they will replace rigid conveyor systems and palletizers.

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