Connected Cars Technology

Why the big automobile companies and tech giants so focused on the Connected Cars Technology?

The global automotive market is evolving and now tech companies such as Qualcomm and Google are also making their presence felt in the automotive market. Since the inception of the Connected Car concept in 1996, the companies are competing to create hands-free, in-dash systems for automation of driver operations. With our presence analysis, the impact of the automotive and technological companies on the automotive market is unveiled.

With the Internet at its heart, the connected car technology provides connectivity of a vehicle with other vehicles, devices, networks and services outside the vehicle. The connectivity through the internet allows traffic warnings, collision and safety alerts, online music play according to the mood, vehicle diagnosis, launch payments and much more. The great real-world systems using connected car technology today include Ford’s SYNC system, Volvo’s Sensus, BMW Connected , and Vauxhall’s OnStar.

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