Indian Patent office to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in Patent Processing; Chandigarh Company gets the nod to go ahead.

Indian Patent Office has taken pioneering steps in applying Artificial Intelligence in Patent Examination System marking multiple firsts.
The System envisages:

In the last one decade, the Human Intelligence has evolved to an unimaginable level where we have seen not only rapid technology up-gradation and developments but also the transfer of knowledge from Humans to machines. Artificial Intelligence has boosted Machines to crunch petabytes of data in nanoseconds to take crucial decisions that earlier need years of experience. With the advent of intelligent machines, many industries started realizing the importance of data and transferring that data into a knowledge base.
Now even the government started considering to somehow use NEW AGE technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, AI and ML to make their internal processes more efficient.

As a front runner in keeping pace with the latest technological developments, the Indian Patent Office in Aug 2018 with the aim to speed up examination process, invited interested eligible parties to submit their proposals for “making use of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT and other latest technologies in the Patent Processing system of IPO

Tender bid submissions saw voluminous applications including that of top Intellectual Property and technology firms. However, the firm to win the bid is TT Consultants XLPAT which is based out of Mohali and has a global presence including offices in the USA and Taiwan.

TT Consultants is an IP analysis firm that has been into the IP industry for more than a decade and has provided strategic IP consulting to over 100 fortune companies. The firm also has a spin-off company XLPAT Labs, a technology startup that automates certain IPR segments with the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Besides being pioneers in IP here in India, the company has won laurels globally where Director and Founder Ms Komal Sharma Talwar was featured in Japan Forbes in September this year for being a leader in incorporating AI in IP industry.

With a strong in-house R&D team, TT Consultants XLPAT has already implemented AI technologies in internal IP and R&D departments of many companies will now closely work with the Indian Patent Office to achieve the goal of speeding up the patent examination process.

TT Consultants XLPAT by using it’s proprietary technologies and algorithms will aim to build a viable and accurate working model to automate the patent examination process.

Each step will involve close engagement of the IPO and every other next step will be undertaken in agreement with the IPO.

At the moment a project process is being worked upon which will involve all small yet crucial steps like documentation, software specification model, etc.

This tender in discussion was seen as a welcoming change as it is one of the first steps to improve the IP scenario in India.
At present patent examiners all across the globe are overloaded by the humongous patent applications piling up day by day. The process of examination is lengthy and needs expert eyes with a lot of documentation and hardwork.

Also, as India is becoming a hot spot Asian region with many companies planning to set up their R&D and innovation centers here in India, patent applications are expected to increase even further

Hence implementing a technology-centric solution is a bold and intelligent step by IPO to manage patent administration effectively by foreseeing the increase in patent applications in upcoming years.

Such a project seems promising as it will dynamize the patent prosecution process and when realized will certainly make Indian Patent office a proud global technology leader.

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