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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) System / Voice Assistant / Voice-To-Text Software is a trending technology in the era of artificial intelligence and digital advancements.

Speech recognition basically means talking to a computer and making it recognize what we are saying. The Voice/speech recognition technologies have transformed widely over the last 40 years and have undergone exponential revolution courtesy to advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, signal processing, algorithms, architectures, and hardware. It all started with a single digit recognition speaker system in 1952, developed by the Bell Research Labs.

Since then the technology has taken a significant upscale

Our smart devices like tablet, smart-phone, and other micro-computing device are now equipped with a virtual voice assistant, this has revolutionized the way we interact with technology. Interaction is now possible simply by speaking to it, enabling hands-free requests, reminders and other simple tasks. These intelligent assistants use voice queries/commands to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions.

The advent of such intelligent systems is evident in markets worldwide.

Voice is the future, and major tech giants are competing in this space by placing their core strategies in the voice and speech recognition technology industry and investing heavily on the same.

Some of the popular voice/speech assistant in the market:

Application Areas of the Voice Assistant / Recognition System

In the present scenario, the speech recognition systems and technologies have broad usage in computerized games and toys, instrument control, data collection, and dictation. The major areas which have been impacted by the speech and voice recognition are Healthcare, Military, Telecommunications and Personal computing (i.e. hands-free computing).

But how can smart technologies like voice and speech recognition impact the field of intellectual property and standard IP workflow processes?

Are there segments wherein voice recognition technologies can have an effective impact on IPR?

Integration of XLPAT with the Voice Recognition System – Siri For Running Patent Queries and Searches

XLPAT is a platform hosting a bunch of applications that Automates Big Data Searches and Analysis. XLPAT (AI Patent tool) implement Voice Assistant-Siri to meet up the need of an hour to be more accurate and precise in running patent searches. There will be a decline of text-based / input-based searches and only voice-based searches will dominate in coming years, i.e. by 2020, 40% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen or conducted via voice.

Why we are integrating voice recognition system – “Siri” In “XLPAT”

  • Using patent search database, a user can have a difference in how he type the queries and how he expresses the same queries.
  • The user may not be able to recognize all the relevant words/phrase or their intent synonyms in textual based input queries.
  • The user may have trouble expressing a phrase or their intent thus may not acquire appropriate results.

XLPAT pat digger

Note: With the inclusion of a speech recognition system Siri in our patent search engine – XLPAT, the results accuracy has significantly increased.

Patent searches are time-consuming and running various text queries to arrive at results is a time-consuming task. With the voice recognition feature, searchers can just give voice commands and the voice assistant will make the queries itself. Thus, eliminating the need to do various text query-based searches

How we are integrating “Pat digger” module of XLPAT with “Siri”:

Pat-Digger: This module intelligently evaluates thousands of patents in a portfolio to help you to protect & monetize your IP by identifying sale, claim scope, the likelihood of use by others, technical workaround royalty-earning & licensing opportunities and enforce patent rights, etc.

Features of XLPAT Pat-Digger Module

Voice and speech recognition technologies clubbed with AI can disrupt and revolutionize the IPR domain. Automated voice control searches are the future of IP searches.

Hence a lot happening, stay tuned for more updates and to know how XLPAT is working to radicalize and change the dynamics of conventional IP domain.

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