Democratization of Innovation using AI and Big Data

Innovation is a rapid process, and product life cycles are getting shorter. Companies are looking to introduce products and services faster.
Evaluation of IP needs to be short, and companies are moving towards shorter product life cycles, tighter and targeted portfolios.
In the current situation, there is an increasing need for Democratization of Innovation; here are some practical solutions that companies have followed.

  1. Automated Novelty Evaluation:
    From delivery-boy to CEO, everyone should be able to Innovate, and the process should go through a finite set of rules aided by a system that can evaluate IP and give Ideas (Generate ideas). Databases and ERP systems are powerful enough to be able to “plug in” to inventor data sets and provide insights into Innovation landscapes.
    • The machine is used for Innovation, and AI will suggest new Ideas.
    • XLPAT provides this platform
    • The innovator should be able to assess novelty at the same time NOT be exposed to Prior Art.
  1. Broad Coverage using AI:
    Systems should be able to suggest Innovative Ideas by leveraging marginal information. This coverage will be assisting further in innovation.
  2. Insights into Competitive Landscape:
    Systems should be able to provide insights to humans.
  3. Structured and Strategic IP Portfolio:
    Patent Portfolios need to be more structured and targeted. No Longer is the need for a LARGE but useless portfolio but a targeted, albeit small and clustered portfolio.
  4. Systematic Dissemination of Information:
    IP department is also becoming a source of Information and a broadcaster of Information. It is essential to educate the engineers on all the domain knowledge out there.

Find how  XLPAT  provide solutions to these issues!


Solutions :

  • It works based on initial user input. The user provides input to the tool in the form of title and disclosure of his invention and thus becomes free of hassles of making complex queries and using syntax to get the results.

  • The tool retrieves the user-disclosure and provides with relevant patents related to it as shown below.

  • Besides providing the relevant patents related to the disclosure, the tool also offers another feature known as Ideation. This feature helps the user to know whether the idea he is working on is strong enough to be patented or not and further assists him by providing relevant inventive concepts which he can refer to improve his existing idea.

Following screenshots related to Ideation tool show how this information is presented:



Valuable prior art is of the utmost importance when it comes to a patent litigation case. Using automation in this field can be of great help. Along with manual search, use of invalidator tool can provide users with refined results and thus reduces the chances of missing any relevant prior art.
Our invalidator tool guarantees a thorough and exhaustive search. It offers a first pass invalidation search through searching of keywords, technical variations, inventor, assignee, classification and non-patent literature.
The user needs to input the subject patent’s publication number, and all the analysis is done automatically at the back-end.

IP Landscaper:

Patent landscaping provides a comprehensive overview of existing technologies and potential field of applications. It helps companies to identify “clear” or “white” space for research and development, thereby reducing research risks by focusing on areas which do not contain a lot of patents. It helps them identify areas for future growth containing few patents.
Patent landscape reports provide a snapshot of the patent situation of a specific technology, either within a given country or region or globally.
Xlpat labs offer users with automated competitive technology landscape solutions known as IP landscaper that uses natural language processing for visualization of technology and market trends. This tool helps in analyzing the competitors working in the technology space and their area of expertise. It is supported by a generation of more than 40 graphs covering different parameters to generate deep insights about market and technology space.
Using its advanced technology clustering tool, IP landscaper helps generate quick technical reports in less than 15 minutes. It offers real-time graphical analysis via clickable and multi-dimensional graphs and charts. It also includes patent highlighting and annotations, patent tags and rating, advanced filters to view patents belonging to specific inventors, assignees, application Date etc.

  • The tool provides options for company-specific landscape as well as technology-specific landscape. The user can enter his choice of the domain he wants to explore.

  • After all the processing at the back-end, the user will get relevant patents. After which the user can get an automated landscape report.

  • The tool further provides a user with the option to categorize the patents based on various parameters or it categorizes them itself on multiple criteria such as concept or classes.


  • The user is provided with landscape view having different options to select from such as graph showing top assignees, technology reports etc.



Automated EOU:

A Patent Portfolio forms a significant part of a corporate’s overall value. Various analytical tools can be used to provide an overview of internal operations and practices of a specific competitor company.

  • Check competitor product overlap on the company’s patents.
  • Identify top licensable patents concerning a competitor company.
  • Rank your IP on technical, legal and commercial aspects.
  • The user needs to enter the company name along with the technology domain for which he wants to find out the infringing products.
  • The user needs to enter the target company against which he wants to assert his portfolio.

  • The system ranks the portfolio against certain parameters such as claim scope, likelihood etc.





Intellectual property (IP) plays a vital role in stimulating innovation and in giving various companies a range of tools to help drive success. Automation-assisted with human intelligence can prove to be a remarkable asset to the IP analysis firms producing best results along with saving time.

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