Curing the COVID-19 Infection

Curing the COVID-19 Infection: where we have reached?

The looming threat of the COVID-19 outbreak, around the world, has united the entire global medical science community for finding out the treatment for this pandemic. A viable solution sooner is a need of the hour, before this viral outbreak claims more human lives. Despite the fact there being no specific treatment available for the …

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COVID19 Myths Realities


As the COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, there are numerous myths arising in society and floating on social media that do more harm than good as instead of helping out, they cause stress and panic among the general public. Hence it is of utmost importance to know the real facts which are actually helpful …

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Mission to maintain efficiency during CORONA time

XLPAT – TT Consultants is on a mission to maintain efficiency during CORONA time See how we have prepared ourselves! Taking all protective measures to prevent the coronavirus spread Ensuring the well-being of all the employees Encouraging Social Distancing Formulating firm policies including for those with a travel history Engaging technology to ensure seamless working …

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Coronavirus: Technology and Innovation Insights

Towards the end of December 2019, Chinese authorities reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) about the severe pneumonia-like cases1. Soon after it, the virus started spreading its reach in other parts of the world like Europe, other Asian countries and the US. With the prolific enhancement in death toll across China within one month, …

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Envisioned Use Cases AI in the IP Prosecution

Envisioned Use-Cases For The Implementation of AI in the IP Prosecution

AI has touched every sector and heated up the traditional ways of how mankind utilizes resources, and there’s no match for the revolution that burst out of the volcanic evolution of Artificial Intelligence. Today creativity is at its peak as the whole world’s intelligence is now an algorithmic factor making critical decisions that might need …

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Top 5G Patents list using AI

XLPAT Releases top 5G Patents using AI prediction system

5G, the next-generation wireless network technology, is an evolution from the current 4G-LTE networks. It has the ability to not only enhance the current mobile broadband services but also to expand the network to connect with multiple industries with better performance and efficiency. 5G has the potential to change the way everything communicates. The global …

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Use of Blockchain To Promote Art

“Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral”. The famous quote stated by Melvin Kranzberg inspires us to apply new technologies according to our needs.  One such technology, which was propagated by Bitcoin obsession and defined as blockchain, has a revolutionized impact on businesses globally and is believed to have the potential to …

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Experimenting with GPT-2 to Generate Patent Text

Here at Xlpat Labs, as a part of R&D, we have focused on fine-tuning an OpenAI pre-trained model to generate coherent patent claims automatically. Patent claims language is an untouched area of research and a challenge in itself. We are figuring out language structures in claim text and leveraging its human explanations to meet our …

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XLPAT Newsletter – 25th January 2020

An Overview XLPAT newsletter will be released on the 10th and 25th of each month. The 10th issue will be focused more on XLPAT and the 25th issue will include the latest details about sister concerned companies TT consultants and Talwar Advocates. —————————————- This Newsletter covers: Article 1 – XLPAT visit to JAPAN Article 2 …

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