Opening an office in Tokyo to support large client base.

It’s a moment of pride for entire XLPAT as we set up a support office in Japan. This was even covered by “Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun”, one of the leading daily newspapers in Japan which specializes in business and industrial affairs Here’s the featured article published on 19.09.2019. Expanding support for patent search and analysis India …

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Brain Wave Coherence and Neurofeedback

The human brain is a bespoke architecture of consciousness, a piece of machinery that manifests perfection elephantine. The brain has a labyrinth of 100 million neurons. Each neuron can connect to 10,000 other neurons, passing signals via 1000 trillion synaptic connections! This is equivalent to a computer with a 1 trillion bit per second processor. …

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decode your Blueprints!

Amazing app to decode your Blueprints!

Imagine how would it be like if you had and an app installed that discovered you have a “sweet-toothed” gene? How much would you pay to get more of such insights? Helix introduced DNA powered products to facilitate access to this information and enable prior diagnosis of health risks and ease subsequent treatments. Now, Helix …

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