Amazing app to decode your Blueprints!

Imagine how would it be like if you had and an app installed that discovered you have a “sweet-toothed” gene?

How much would you pay to get more of such insights?

Helix introduced DNA powered products to facilitate access to this information and enable prior diagnosis of health risks and ease subsequent treatments. Now, Helix will be launching an app that may decode information from 20,000 genes and store all this data at an affordable price. They plan to collect the customer’s spit samples and perform DNA sequencing and analysis on them. They would further be digitized to be accessible to software developers.

The human genome is an integrated nucleic acid sequence encoded as DNA. Although scientists have made untiring efforts to demystify the information encoded within the DNA, certain equations need to be balanced. DNA was first discovered by a German biochemist named Frederich Miescher in 1869. But his discovery was not comprehended by scientists as a useful insight. It was only in 1962 that scientists realized that DNA could carry biological information.

The human DNA is made up of molecules called nucleotides. These nucleotides constitute phosphate groups, sugar groups and nitrogen bases. The nitrogen bases are cytosine, adenine, thymine and guanine.

The order of these bases forms of DNA instructions or genetic code. There are about 3 million bases and 20,000 genes. A gene can be considered as the language of the cell as contains information on protein formation. RNA translates the DNA information into proteins.

The scope is humongous. When you would open the DNA app store, you would get access to the health-related risks and the genetic predisposition information corresponding to your genetic data. This technology when applied at the pre-conception stage may lead to early diagnosis and timely treatment for unborn life. The genome not only relates you to your family members but also contains chemically coded information which determines your physical traits. So there exists a horizon of new possibilities in the field of DNA sequencing.

Helix has disclosed some vital elements of DNA sequencing and thereafter determining cancerous somatic mutations in the body in its patent application titled “Integration algorithm of sequencing data analysis workflow of cancer somatic mutation gene” (Patent Number CN104408284A).

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