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About Us

Our journey started in 2012 with a vision to revolutionize the process of visualizing and analyzing patent data. We identified the market need and worked towards providing an advanced, faster and innovative solution that can automate the standard workflow of IP Searches. Leveraging our extensive search experience in IPR, we developed algorithms using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing, machine learning and other big data technologies to extract intelligence from scattered data. Our propriety algorithm sources its intelligence from an in-house developed technical corpus, containing more than 3 billion words, learned from 100 GB of processed data and developed on a machine learning model.

Humanizing the intelligence from machine learning is the foundation of efficient analysis, valid insights, and informed decisions. Our investment in developing proprietary algorithms, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, led to the evolution of a machine designed to mimic the behavior of an expert searcher. Various data points have been secured for our solution and they include Patent data, Non-Patent Literature, Standard Essential Patents, Litigation data, Corporate data, Reassignment data, and Examination data.

Our Team

Our people are our most important asset. They are entrusted with the responsibility of getting IP searches automated, globally!

  • Jitin Talwar

    Founder - TT Consultants

  • Komal Talwar

    Founder - XLPAT Labs

  • Sandeep Kohli

    Co-Founder, XLPAT Labs

  • Dr. Nirmal Basi

    CEO - xlpat labs

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    Desks Worldwide

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