PodCast: AI and Natural Language Processing: Untapping the tools for Innovation

A podcast that we all would love to listen to: Talks about tech and the “not so common aspects”

Starting up early 

Being a first-gen entrepreneur straight out of college. 

High risks? Indeed! 

“But the higher the risk, the higher is the passion. Which hence pushes one to succeed faster or fail faster.”

A highlight from a recent “Wirelessly Yours”  podcast that featured Komal Sharma Talwar Co-founder XLPAT Labs, TT Consultants. 

This podcast features an awesome conversation between Komal Sharma Talwar and WirelesselyYours Ziad Matar. 

With the pandemic forcing the world to shift to an entirely new way of working and each business forced to realign its priorities. The journey has not been so easy. 

And it has been all the more difficult for women workforce who have a family to take care of and at the same time need to get accustomed to working from home. 

Komal Sharma Talwar, an entrepreneur, and a mother talks in the podcast about facing such a dilemma herself and how this lead to making the work environment better and more women-friendly for 35% of the women workforce at XLPAT Labs and TT Consultants.

Hence to say, this podcast not just talks about common problems or business alone but witnesses someone talking about REAL PROBLEMS this pandemic bought forth, problems which are often masked out due to other apparently more important problems.  

This is followed by a conversation that how on a brighter side the work from home has untapped ways of hiring promising talent from anywhere in the world and how it is more of a work from anywhere trend which is here to stay. 

And what another thing this pandemic has given a push to is rapid innovation. During the pandemic, we have seen quite a few innovations come to life that enables humankind fight the pandemic. And with research being so important it was all the more important to democratize innovation which is what XLPAT Labs always aims to do. 

From utlizing BERT- an NLP technology to extract information to intelligent algorithms that are being used to aggregate the scattered data out there in order to create data visualizations that enable to dig out actionable insights.  These are a few things that have been making up days at XLPAT labs. 

Hence emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are unlocking tools that assist in innovation during this digital era and in an era of rapid and sustainable innovation. 

Catch Komal Sharma Talwar as she talks about common problems and how technology is changing the innovation landscape across the globe. 

Podcast Highlights. 

  • Work from home – how it was and is it here to stay?
  • Hiring Globally
  • How AI is enabling efficient prior art search?
  • Use of BERT – a breakthrough that XLPAT has achieved recently. 
  • How the use hybrid model: a blend of automation and manual expertise in the innovation lifecycle is the way forward.
  • Universities use case: How AI can enable innovation within universities. 

To learn more on these highlights, tune in to the podcast now. Opinions and comments welcomed!

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